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    About Us:

    School-Based Outpatient Counseling provides critical services and support to children struggling with one or more aspects of their life. We collaborate with families, teachers, school staff, doctors, and community partners to provide practical support in times of need. The goal of services is to help children reach their full potential by building skills needed to manage difficult emotions, resolve relationship difficulties, and improve overall school performance. We serve children who experience:

    • Emotional barriers that prevent academic success
    • Difficulty coping with changes in their lives
    • Are easily frustrated and distracted
    • Struggle with aggression, rule-breaking and being destructive
    • Have difficulty in their relationships with peers, teachers, and family

    Our clinical staff delivers a variety of services to work towards meeting the needs of each individual child including comprehensive assessments, in-home services, parent support and training, medication management, and psychological and neuropsychological testing.

    Our ultimate goal is to strengthen our children by giving their families and school the tools they need to succeed.


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