• Per Massachusetts regulations, Boston Public Schools requires that families who intend to homeschool their students submit the following documents each year:

    - An official application (see below)

    - An end of year assessment (options available on page 2 of the application)

    Once your application has been received, we will issue an approval letter. Once you receive this, your student will be officially un-enrolled from Boston Public Schools.

    You can view the official Massachusetts requirements here: 

    Official Requirements - Massachusetts Home Learning Association


    BPS 2021-22 Homeschool Applications:

    BPS 2021-22 Homeschool Application Grade 1-5

    BPS 2021-22 Homeschool Application Grade 6-8

    BPS 2021-22 Homeschool Application Grade 9-12

    Please mail all homeschool applications and end of year assessments to the following address:

    BPS Homeschooling
    Expanded Learning Opportunities
    2300 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02119  

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Q: Do you provide a curriculum or other resources for me to homeschool my child?

    A: Because your student is no longer affiliated with BPS once you begin homeschooling, we do not issue a standard curriculum or materials. We have included some helpful links and curriculum resources for you to explore as you are planning your homeschool experience.

    Q: What about virtual schools? Is that considered homeschooling?

    A: The state-wide virtual schools (TEC Connections Academy Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual) are public school districts in Mass, and are therefore NOT considered homeschool. You are not required to submit a yearly application in this circumstance, as you will be transferring to a new district rather than homeschooling. 

    Q: Can my student participate in sports, extracurriculars, or High School events such as prom or graduation?

    A: Although some individual schools are open to homeschoolers participating in extracurriculars, we do not officially provide these opportunities via the district. Homeschooled students are not eligible to receive diplomas from BPS schools. 

    Other Questions? Please email us at