Our Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    The mission of Boston Public Schools is to give all students (Grades 6-12) the opportunity to participate in an innovative athletics program that explicitly develops the social-emotional and physical well-being of all athletes. The curriculum for this program is student-centric, culturally responsive, and emphasizes the positive nature of competition.


    The Boston Public Schools offers a broad spectrum of sports in a fun, safe, and welcoming learning environment that equips students with skills that are necessary for success in college, career, and life.

    Students will:

    • develop decision-making and problem-solving skills;
    • share ownership of their team and its inherent responsibilities;
    • understand the benefits and responsibilities of competition;
    • learn and apply performance-based sciences that will assist them in overcoming physical, social, and emotional obstacles in their lives.

    Coaches will:

    • give their players an age-appropriate and significant voice on the team;
    • be mission-driven and values-led;
    • model respectful listening, empathy, and cultural and linguistic responsiveness;
    • maintain an enthusiastic, constructive approach to developing skills;
    • develop a fun environment that fosters personal growth and treats failure as a learning experience.

    Athletic teams will:

    • become role models for safe and welcoming school environments;
    • promote ethical problem-solving;
    • model the power of full engagement;
    • achieve by setting challenging, realistic goals;
    • practice regulating emotions under difficult circumstances;
    • demonstrate respect for their teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and communities.

    Boston Public Schools Office of Social-Emotional Learning and Wellness will:

    • resource the Athletic Department’s mission;
    • develop curriculum;
    • train, mentor, and support coaching staff;
    • work with parents to promote the mission;
    • demonstrate their commitment, support, and interest in this initiative to coaches, students, and parents;
    • develop an evaluation tool that supports coaches in meeting this new mission;
    • value the voice of coach and athlete-students in this process.


  • Athletics Main Office
    White Stadium
    450 Walnut Ave
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130  
    (617) 635-8143