• Planning

    Technology is transforming how students learn, teachers teach, and where teaching and learning happens. Digital learning, no longer a specialty area, plays a central role in transforming learning, teaching, and assessment practices for teachers and students.

    Planning for digital transformation in your school is key to effective implementation and serves as an accountability mechanism for identifying and purchasing tech tools ensuring clear alignment to priorities, while also supporting school-wide buy-in and adoption. Technology planning can serve as an overarching component of achieving school-wide goals.

    Start with your Whole School Improvement Plan to establish goals and ensure technology adoption supports your problem of practice. Explore curated resources to help you get started, including planning tools and BPS supported technology purchasing guides. Customize the Technology Planning and Management Guide to support your your process.     


  • Explore emerging trends in digital education technology.
    (Video length: 2 minutes)



    Establish a core team who will lead and support the tech implementation at your school, including teachers, administrator(s), students, BPSTechnology, external partners, and families.

    Survey teachers in the building about technology use.

    Complete a school-wide technology inventory.



    Create a vision and goals for using technology that is informed by:

    • survey data
    • inventory; including lifecycle
    • budget/funding
    • support plan
    • instructional focus
    • problem of practice
    • Whole School Improvement Plan



    Schedule regular monthly meetings - face-to-face or virtual.

    Establish agreed-upon consistent communication channels. Examples include:  Google Drive folder with resources, Google Site to serve as a resource hub, Workplace group for communication and sharing of news, Hangouts for text-based chats, Zoom/Hangouts for video chats

    Consistently monitor progress by setting agendas and measuring goals.

    Create affinity groups to support the implementation of goals.