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    Welcome, Boston Saves schools! Every day, you provide students with the knowledge and care they need for a successful future. Boston Saves is here to support the financial piece of that goal. Whether your students plan to go to college or take advantage of career training, we want to be sure they have the savings they need to pursue their dreams!

    All Boston Saves schools receive a stipend to help implement the program. The Boston Saves intro toolkit for schools will be coming out shortly; in the meantime, this page can provide a helpful overview of what you can do to participate.

    1) Foster college and career readiness.

    College may not be within the realm of many families’ first-hand experience. However, elementary school can frame college as an attainable goal early on. This normalization – as well as exposure to many different career possibilities – can have an enormous impact on a student’s aspirations and his or her future economic mobility.

    Here are a few ideas for getting students to start thinking about college:

    • Organize a field trip to a local college
    • Invite college students in as guest readers
    • Post college logos around the school
    • Plan a “College Day” when teachers wear clothing from their alma maters

    And about their future careers:

    • Host a “Career Day” at school
    • Invite family members in to talk about their careers and show tools related to their jobs
    • Encourage career exploration through dress-up and other forms of dramatic play
    • Take field trips to different career sites 


    2) Identify a schoolwide Boston Saves School Coordinator(s).

    This person (or persons) will be an administrator, teacher, or staffperson at your school who serves as the primary liaison with Boston Saves staff. The School Coordinator will be responsible for learning how Boston Saves works, planning Welcome Events, and serving as a resource for families who have questions about the program.

    3) Host Welcome Events for the families of each new K2 class.

    At the beginning of each new school year, your Boston Saves School Coordinator will plan a Welcome Event for K2 families with the help of the class’s Family Champion and the support of Boston Saves staff. This event will introduce the program to families and encourage them to log in to their child’s Boston Saves account.

    4) Identify Family Champions.

    This person should ideally be a parent or other family member, with a child in the class, who is trusted and well-respected by other families. The Boston Saves Family Champion for each class will be responsible for attending Boston Saves workshops, explaining the program to other families, and helping the School Coordinator plan Boston Saves events.

    5) Integrate financial literacy into the classroom.

    While Boston Saves encourages families to save for their children’s futures, the program wants to instill good saving habits in students, too! Below are resources teachers can use to help students to learn about money and the power of saving.

    Use the websites below to find K-12 financial literacy lessons searchable by various filters.


    Use the resource below to bring trained volunteers into your classroom to teach financial literacy lessons.


    6) Provide ongoing support.

    Families first learn about Boston Saves during their child’s K2 year, but they can benefit from continued motivation to keep saving. This ongoing support could include reminders in school communications or Boston Saves booths at such school events as math nights, parent conferences, open houses, or festivals. Plus, some students may not join your school until after K2, and their families will need an introduction to the program. Even families of long-time students may need encouragement in later grades to log in to their child’s Boston Saves account.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? See common ones below.

    Your Boston Saves stipend can be spent on anything you need to support the Boston Saves program in your school. Below are some ideas for spending your stipend:

    Electronics to help families use Boston Saves platform

    • Chromebooks
    • Tablets
    • USB Flash Drives 


    Classroom/School Materials

    • Math & money books for classroom/school
    • Math & money games for classroom/school
    • Dramatic Play materials - career costumes, cash register, play money, activity centers, etc. 


    Welcome Events/Other Boston Saves Events

    • Refreshments
    • T-shirts for students and/or staff
    • Printing needs (banners, posters, etc.)
    • Entertainment
    • Raffle prizes -gift baskets, gift cards, etc.
    • Giveaways -books, pencils, banks, etc.
    • Family incentives - families who attend can receive $ for their account



    • Teachers
    • Parent Leaders
    • Childcare


    Translation & Interpretation


    Field Trips

    • Local Bank
    • Local College
    • Career-related field trips - farm, restaurant, safe construction site, veterinarian, doctor’s office, factory, fire station, police station, TV station, planetarium, Home Depot, etc.


    Classroom/School Visits

    • Museum of Science
    • Children's Museum
    • Mass Audubon
    • Discovery Museum


    K2 students will be eligible for Boston Saves in the first year that the program is in your school; K2 & 1st Grade students will be eligible for Boston Saves in the second year of the program; K2, 1st, & 2nd Grade students will be eligible for Boston Saves in the third year of the program, and so forth.

    Yes, families can log in to their child's Boston Saves account at any point before they graduate from high school!

    Students who did not attend K2 at your school, but are in the same grade as students in the Boston Saves program, are automatically enrolled in Boston Saves. We hope that you will encourage both new and returning families to log in to their Boston Saves accounts.

    Boston Saves holds quarterly collaborative cohort meetings. This is a great way for representatives from your school to get together with other schools to share ideas and best practices. Watch your email for an invitation to the Boston Saves quarterly cohort meetings!

    For questions about Boston Saves, please contact Gosia Tomaszewska at or 617-918-5247.