• Thoughtful Action in the IB

    Taking action is an essential part of learning.

    How can we do something with what we have learned? 

    How has my thinking changed since the beginning of our inquiry?

    When we take action, we make connections to new knowledge. JQUS students are learning that inquiry can lead to action and that even the smallest actions can make a difference.

    Action should extend learning. Action can include:

    • doing (Have you done something?)
    • thinking (Did you change your thinking?),
    • feeling (Have you changed your attitude or beliefs?),
    • having (Do you have more knowledge or determination?),
    • saying (have you discussed, created awareness, or debated?) or
    • being (Have you changed your behavior or practice?)

    Action may have a wide social impact, or be as simple as a meaningful choice.  It may be a big action or an everyday action. 

    Reference: https://www.annunciationmsp.org/news/taking-action-in-the-international-baccalaureate-ib-primary-years-program-p