• Homework Expectations

    The Kenny School’s homework policy is grounded in the belief that when students spend time on meaningful homework assignments, they are more likely to achieve academic success. Homework builds on classroom work and encourages the development of self-discipline and personal responsibility. It also promotes cooperation and communication between families and the school. It is the policy of both the Kenny School and Boston Public Schools that every student has homework assignments every school day.


    Homework Expectations:

    • Teachers will post daily or weekly homework assignments in a visible location in the classroom (grades 1-5).
    • Grade K-2 students will receive written assignments & directions from their teacher so that parents/guardians can also refer to them.
    • Grade 3-5 students are expected to write down their homework into their agenda book on a daily basis so that parents/guardians can also refer to the assignments.
    • Parents and guardians are expected to review student assignments and sign student agenda books daily, to reinforce students’ home-and-school connection.

    From the BPS Guide For Students and Families:

    Kindergarten: K0-K2:

    Teachers may assign short poems or other material to be learned at home and recited in class.

    Recommended average time: 10 - 15 minutes per day


    Grades 1–2:

    Homework should be related to the skills or abilities which have been developed during the school day in the major subject areas, such as reading and math. The central idea is that home study promotes home-school cooperation and reinforces skills.  The time below does not include independent reading time.

    Grade 1 Recommended average time: 10-20 minutes per day

    Grade 2 Recommended average time: 20-30 minutes per day


    Grades 3–5:

    Homework should stress work in major subject areas and should vary in form. For example, it could include oral and written exercises, study, reading for pleasure, online tasks, written assignments and projects. The time below does not include independent reading time.

    Grade 3 Recommended average time: 30-40 minutes per day

    Grade 4 Recommended average time: 40-50 minutes per day

    Grade 5 Recommended average time: 50-60 minutes per day


    Students in our after-school program will have scheduled time and support to complete their homework.


    If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at all of the BPS apps available to teachers and students in their “Clever Backpack”.  You can do this by clicking here: https://clever.com/in/bostonpublic  and signing in with their BPS email and password.  This link will take you to math and literacy websites, programs to improve typing skills and more!