BPS Performance Meter

  • The Performance Meter is a set of key metrics that help BPS to monitor school progress, identify and differentiate actionable school supports, and pinpoint system-level barriers that hinder progress toward our overarching goal: to close opportunity and achievement gaps. All data below reflect the most recent data available. To learn more about the Performance Meter's background and design, click here. For historical trends and data disaggregated to show achievement gaps, click here.

Metric Definitions

  • Early Literacy in Kindergarten: The percentage of K2 students at benchmark or above at the end of the school year, as defined by the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) assessment. This assessment is changing in 2018-19.

    Third Grade ELA: The percentage of 3rd grade students meeting or exceeding expectations on the ELA MCAS.

    Fifth Grade Science: The percentage of 5th grade students scoring proficient or advanced on the Science MCAS.

    Eighth Grade Math: The percentage of 8th grade students meeting or exceeding expectations on the Math MCAS.

    Grade 4-8 SGP (ELA & Math): MCAS Mean Student Growth Percentile for students in grades 4-8

    10th Grade Competency Determination: The percentage of 10th grade students meeting the Competency Determination Graduation Requirement on their first attempt. The Competency Determination requires students to earn a scaled score of 240 or higher on the Grade 10 ELA and Math MCAS and a scaled score of 220 or higher on one of the high school Science MCAS assessments.

    4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate: The percentage of students who graduate with a regular high school diploma within 4 years.

    College, Career, and Life Ready Graduates: The percentage of high school graduates who meet a combination of high GPA, high attendance, completion of rigorous courses, and access to additional learning experiences such as volunteering and internships.

    Students with 94% Attendance or Higher: The percentage of students in grades K0-12 who have 94% attendance or higher.

    Suspension Rate: The percentage of students in grades K0-12 who were suspended one or more times in a given school year.

    English Learner Progression: The percentage of English Learners moving at least one ELD level by the end of the school year.

    Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings: The percentage of students with disabilities in grades K0-12 in full or partial inclusion settings.

    Teacher Diversity: The percentage of teachers of color in the district.

    School-Family Engagement: The percentage of parents who agree or strongly agree with specific questions on the annual climate survey related to family engagement, averaged with the parent climate survey participation rate.