• Getting Started with Airtame in BPS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Airtame?

    • Airtame is a wireless presentation tool that allows any computer or mobile device to wirelessly present their screen to a digital display or projector. No more cables or adapters! Note: The Airtame-1 is no longer updating. 

    How do I get started?

    • To set up a new Airtame-2 device on your TV or monitor, follow the "Set up and Placement Video."
    • To connect your device to the Airtame-2, locate the Airtame application that has been preloaded onto your BPS issued device. Try searching for "Airtame" using your devices search feature. 

    Do I need an account to use Airtame? 

    • Nope! The Airtame application has already been added to all BPS issued devices. 

    Where can I use this? 

    • Once you have the app installed, you can use it on any Airtame-ready LCD panel or projector in BPS. You'll be able to instantly project your computer on any of those displays.

    What should I do if I do not see the BPS Logo background on the TV?

    • First, check to see if the display is powered on. Most displays have a power button near the edge, either on the bottom or on the side of the display.
    • Once the TV is powered on, it may take 5-10 seconds for the Airtame to power on and show on the TV.
    • Next, scroll through the inputs to make sure the TV is set to the HDMI input. If the TV has multiple HDMI inputs, you may need to scroll through each until you see the Airtame background.
    • If you still can not see the Airtame background, look behind the TV to see which HDMI input the Airtame is plugged into and confirm that the Airtame device is still connected to an HDMI port. 
    • If you still can not see the Airtame background, give the OIIT Service Desk a call (617-635-9200) and we can send a technician out to your location.

    My computer can't connect to the display; what should I do?

    • First, check to make sure you are connected to the Internet.
    • Second, make sure you are not on the Guest network. The Guest network is separated from the BPS network and computers will not be able to present to Airtame while connected to the BPS Guest network.
    • Finally, if you still can not connect your computer to the Airtame display, give Service Help Desk a call at 617-635-9200.
      • Please do not attempt to factory reset your device as it will no longer be connected to the proper WiFi without a support technician.  

    Can guests present to Airtame? 

    • Devices on the BPS network can present to Airtames unless that device is using the Guest WiFi. If you have a guest that needs to present, you may have the guest use an HDMI cable to connect their computer directly to an HDMI port on the TV.

    What should I do if I do not hear audio? 

    • If you do not hear audio, make sure you are clicking the audio icon in the Airtame app. This adds a short delay and sends audio from your computer to the screen. If that doesn't work, try restarting your device and the monitor you are using. If you continue to experience issues, please call the service desk for support.