• All Staff Trainings (2 hours)
    This training provides all school personnel with an overview of bullying prevention and intervention. It meets the requirements of the state’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Law. These all staff trainings have been conducted in almost every school throughout the district. 

    New-Hire Teacher Bullying Prevention Training (2 hours)
    This training provides all new-hire teachers during their orientation with critical information about bullying prevention strategies and best practices, and highlights the basic elements of the Massachusetts Bullying Prevention and Intervention Law.

    In-Depth School Personnel Training (18 hours)
    This is focused, in-depth training for selected school personnel in each school. Upon completion of this training, participants become Bullying Intervention Specialists in their school. They also receive NoBully Solution Team coaching certification.

    NoBully Solution Team® Trainings
    This training prepares BPS school personnel to become skilled implementers and certified trainers of a non-punitive programmatic intervention strategy. This strategy empowers students to work with a group of their peers along with an adult facilitator to proactively and effectively stop the bullying of one of their peers.

    On-Going Support
    On-going support in implementing each school’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan as mandated by the requirements of the BPS and state legislation. This includes an overview of the state bullying prevention and intervention law, the specific responsibilities of school personnel, and critical information about bullying prevention and intervention strategies and best practices.

    Bullying Prevention Workshop for Parents of Students with Disabilities
    This workshop (sponsored by the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee) provides parents with effective strategies they can use with students with disabilities to prevent, respond to, and stop bullying.

    A Bullying Reporting System
    A systematic reporting system for incidents of bullying

    Massachusetts State Bullying Reporting Form

    The Bullying Prevention Hotline: 617.592.2378

    Boston Public Schools Cyber Safety Campaign
    The Boston Public Schools Cyber Safety Campaign is a student-developed campaign to promote safe and healthy Internet use. This site contains numerous resources, including those featuring the popular Cyber Safety Heroes, which can be downloaded for free or ordered for use in the classroom and at home.