Interpretation Request Guidelines

    • BPS Parent Language Access Services include offering language support to the families of the district by translating and/or interpreting from English (Source Language) to the Target Language (such as Arabic, Cabo Verdiano, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.) of the parent/guardian in question.
    • Interpretation requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date of service.
    • Interpretation services are available for both General Education and Special Education events, including but not limited to: parent-teacher meetings, student conferences, screenings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & 504 meetings, school enrollment, dissemination of information specific to school activities and programs, etc.  
    • ASL  interpretation requests should be submitted as early as possible (3 to 4 weeks prior) for the best chances of securing services.
    • In emergency instances (e.g., medical emergencies, criminal activities, etc.) ASL interpretation services can be requested via MCDHH with less than 24 to 48-hour notice, but the fulfillment of said request is not guaranteed.
    • Special Education meetings (i.e., IEP & evaluations) should be requested at the earliest in order to secure services.
    • To eliminate the number of interpretation cancellations or no-shows, we ask you to do the following:
      • Confirm parent attendance two days before the scheduled event.
      • If a parent is not attending,  promptly inform the agency and the Translation and Interpretation Unit ( of the cancellation.  Cancellation confirmations need to be confirmed 24 hours before the date/time of service in order to not be charged. For additional guidance, please see The Guidelines: Securing ASL Interpreters.


Cancelling Interpretation Requests

  • If after securing an interpreter you need to cancel the service, please email the agency/vendor in question as soon as possible, CCing When cancelling please provide the below listed information:

    • Request Submittal Number
    • Requester Name
    • Requester Telephone Number
    • School or Department
    • Date and time of interpretation appointment
    • Language(s) requested

    If you have your confirmation, you can also send that with a request to cancel to the appropriate agency.




Interpretation Equipment

  • The Office of Language Access Services (OLAS) provides interpretation equipment to schools and central offices to facilitate communication and inclusion among students, parents, teachers, and staff who speak different languages. This equipment can be used in various scenarios, such as: Parent-teacher conferences, School Committee meetings, Central office or school-level events, and Parent Information sessions. 

    By utilizing interpretation equipment in these events and meetings, BPS strives to ensure effective communication, improve accessibility, and create a more inclusive learning environment for all stakeholders. 

     When borrowing this equipment, the borrower assumes specific responsibilities, including the following: 1) Returning the equipment and accessories or components in the same condition it was borrowed. 2) Returning all the equipment borrowed to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. 3) Returning the equipment on the same day or the day after use to make it available for others.

    Note: It's important for schools to invest in their own interpretation equipment. OLAS does not have enough equipment to support over 100 schools, which was never the intent. Some schools have already made this investment, and I strongly encourage all schools to do the same. Your support in this area would be greatly appreciated, as it makes practical sense.  

    For more information, please review the updated Interpretation Equipment Rental Policy & Procedure