• Mission

    To nourish every child, every day.


    Offer every student a positive dining experience, good nutrition, the support for academic excellence, and a model for a lifetime of healthy eating in a leading school food environment.

    Who We Are

    Boston Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services is the largest school meal program for breakfast and lunch in New England. We serve meals at 125 cafeterias and satellite schools.

    What We Do

    We are forward-thinking and forward-acting in regard to how we are setting the standards for the meals served to our students. FNS is breaking with the expected or usual and continues to incrementally improve the level of services and meals. FNS is determined to evolve the school meal program and continually elevate our schools. FNS will strive to: 
    • Provide enforcement of vending and student body sales for compliance.
    • Maintain the highest nutritional nutrient standards and quality for school meals.
    • Continuously maintain the directives of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
    • Increase the variety, visibility, and accessibility of unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible.
    • Offer local food choices whenever possible.
    • Continue to provide at least one vegetarian option at each meal in the school meal program.
    • Incorporate student and parent input with the nutritional improvements.