Planning and Engineering ensures all Boston Public Schools and it's administrative offices pass all safety, health and building inspection standards, allowing a positive work and learning environment for all students and administrators. 

    Who We Are

    Facilities Management - Planning and Engineering consists of highly trained, licensed professionals including master electricians, master plumbers, master builder, all of whom possess years of experience in their individual field of expertise.

    Using their experience, we try to maintain the schools and administrative offices on both a short and long term basis. 

    What We Do

    We ensure every school and all their building systems work properly on a day to day basis, providing a healthy and safe working environment for students and staff.

    Facilities Management - Planning and Engineering work closely with Build BPS

    We complete and process over 4,000 work orders yearly for all repairs to all school buildings and offices.


  • Planning and Engineering

    1216 Dorchester Avenue -2nd Floor
    Dorchester, MA 02125

    Phone: 617-635-8300 or 617-635-9126
    Fax: 617-635-9306