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    Boston Public Schools offers 33 different high school options, each of which includes a wide variety of programs. All BPS high schools are city-wide, which means that every student living in Boston is eligible to apply for any BPS high school. Below is more information on how to find schools that are a good fit for you and how to apply to those schools. 

    Where can I learn about each of these schools?

    1. Go to DiscoverBPS.org and sort your school options by the programs and school features that best fit your needs.
    2. Explore each school’s website - BPS School Directory.
    3. Visit each school in person at School Preview Times, or contact each school directly by phone or email to schedule other tour times. 

    How many schools should I rank?

    More is better. At a minimum, we suggest you rank five schools, but we encourage you to rank as many schools as possible. Ranking more schools do not decrease your chances of getting into your first choice school. Even if you really want your first-choice school, you should rank more schools in case you don’t get in.

    What does “Additional Application Requirements” or “Special Admissions” mean?

    Certain schools require students to submit an extra application to be considered for admission. These applications can sometimes include an essay, teacher recommendations, and/or an audition. Contact the school directly to learn about their application process. Please know that if you don’t submit a separate application to these schools, depending on the school, you may not be considered for admission.

    These schools include:

    • Boston Arts Academy
    • Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA)
    • Boston Green Academy
    • Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
    • Fenway High School
    • New Mission High School

    How is the choice process different for these schools with additional requirements?

    Although each of these schools has its own application, families must rank them along with their other choices in the order of preference. Boston Public Schools tries to provide students and families with their highest ranked option, but it will always benefit you to rank your choices honestly.You will not gain an advantage by trying to trick the system and ranking special admissions schools last=. It may actually make things more complicated later on if you get accepted. 

    What about the exam schools?

    The exam schools (Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School, and O’Bryant School of Math & Science) are not listed on this choice form. Learn more about the exam schools and their admission process here: Exam Schools 

    What about charter schools?

    There are two in-district charter schools that serve students in grades 9-12: Boston Green Academy and Edwards M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers. These schools show on your choice list but may require an additional application to each school.

    There are additional charter schools in and around Boston that won’t be on your choice list. These schools are not part of Boston Public Schools and have their own enrollment process. If you are interested in one of these schools, you should visit applybostoncharterschools.org.

    When will I find out my assigned school?

    If you submit your choices by February 9, you will find out in late March. If you miss the deadline, you may not receive an assignment until you submit school choices.

    Please note that if your child requires a full inclusion or substantially separate placement, some of this information may not apply.  Please contact the Office of Special Education at 617 635-8599 if you have any questions.