• Wireless Upgrades

    School Wireless Upgrades

    Goal: Provide all instructional and administrative spaces with 1:1 wireless capacity

    Timeline: Ongoing (approximately 26 schools each year)

    Schools: All 

    Fiber Upgrades
    Fiber Expansion

    Goal: Upgrade all school data lines to fiber.

    Timeline: 2017 - 2019

    Schools: All K-8 schools (high schools are currently on fiber)

     Data Center
    Data Center Refresh

    Goal: Build a new data center at the Bolling Building, increasing networking and system capacity while refreshing all infrastructure hardware.

    Timeline: 2015-2017 (Complete)

     Managed Printing

    Managed Printing

    Goal: Provide a consistent and scalable printing solution across the district that minimizes downtime, reduces cost, and improves service delivery to staff.

    Timeline: Fall 2017

    Schools: All