• Kids enjoying summer activities - on a boat, and on the lacrosse field.

  • It's winter now, but summer is on the way, and the time to make your summer plans is NOW.

    Summer Stuff is the place to find summer schools, camps, programs, activities, and jobs.

    There are a lot of great things to do in and around Boston. For example, you could take dancing lessons, learn to sail or play golf, act in a play, volunteer at a museum or homeless shelter, plan for college, get a job, intern in a science lab or on a farm, and go to free concerts and films. (You could even work on your math skills)

    Need ideas? Summer Stuff is full of good ideas. Read it through and visit websites or call. They're waiting to hear from you.

    Find exactly what you want, then apply—now. Many programs are "first come/first served," and they fill up fast. Don't be put off by the cost of some programs. Many have scholarships or reduced fees based on what a family can pay, and they are looking for Boston students. Just ask. Some programs are only for students who go to the Boston Public Schools. Good luck—and have a great summer!

Summer Eats Info

  • Summer Eats Graphic Free Summer Meals

    Free breakfasts and lunches are available to Boston children under age 19 during July and August at locations throughout the city. All BPS meal sites that are currently open will remain open through the summer, and more locations have been added. View locations here.

    Call 617-635-8873 for more information. 

Technology Info

  • Technology Technology

    Students who are enrolled in summer learning can continue to use the Chromebooks they were assigned, as well as the hotspot they may have been provided in order to continue their learning. Students leaving the district must return their Chromebook to their school by contacting their teacher or principal. Graduating seniors must return their Chromebook at the time they pick up their diplomas.

    Find additional Technology Summer Support at Access 4 All.
    Please call the BPS Family Hotline (FHL) at (617) 635-8873 if you have any issues with your BPS-issued Chromebook.

Health Info

  • Socioemotional Icon

    Taking Care of Your Health

    It is more important than ever that we all take simple steps to take care of our bodies and our emotions during this time when our lives and routines are changing. Learn more and read other tips for staying healthy here

    Social-Emotional Support

    Boston Public Schools continues to offer mental health services and other counseling via Telehealth to students. Learn more about mental health & crisis support here.