Suggested Resources

  • In addition to creating our own resources, we look to existing resources to expand our professional learning, including blogs, edtech websites, conferences, and social media. Explore this page for an evolving list of recommended resources.

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    • Edutopia, a resource that shares innovative and evidence-based approaches in K-12 education.
    • Common Sense Media, a trusted resource for providing unbiased information, advice, and tools for educators, students, and families on media use.
    • SAMR Resources, resources to support technology integration in your classroom or school
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    There are many education bloggers, but below are a few edtech bloggers that we follow.

    • Alice Keeler, Google Certified Teacher and author of books about Google Classroom
    • Catlin Tucker, ELA Teacher and advocate for blended learning
    • Richard Byrne, teacher and blogger who writes about Free Technology for Teachers
    • Luis Perez, Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Consultant
    • Matt Miller, teacher and author of Ditch That Textbook
    • Kathy Schrock, education technologist and curator of Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything
     Social Media

    Social Media


    Are you a connected educator? Explore some resources below to grow your professional learning network online.



    We attend, present at, and host conferences year-round. A selection of conferences that our staff have presented at include: