New Start and End Time Policy Approved

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    On 12/6/2017, Boston School Committee voted to approve a new policy for school start and end times. 

    That policy encouraged BPS to:

    • In line with research about start times that maximize learning, increase the number of secondary school students (with a specific goal of a majority of secondary school students) starting after 8 a.m.;
    • Where possible, increase the number of elementary school students (with a specific goal of a majority of elementary school students) dismissing before 4 p.m.;
    • Where possible, assign schools with higher concentrations of medically fragile students or students with autism or emotional impairment to bell times reflective of the needs of their student body;
    • Where possible, do all of the above while maximizing reinvestment in schools.

    Across the district, this policy will dramatically increase the percent of secondary school students starting after 8am from 27% to over 94% of students. Research has repeatedly found that this will improve academic outcomes, reduce tardiness, improve student physical and mental health, and improve the quality of our athletics.

    Additionally, we have heard from our community that 4pm or later is too late for elementary school students to dismiss after. Through this policy, we have reduced the number of elementary students dismissing after 4pm from 33% to 15%.

    We have managed to achieve these research-backed results while also reducing total costs in transportation. Once we have a better understanding of the magnitude of these savings, we are hoping to reinvest those funds back into classrooms.