Report Traffic Challenges via Vision Zero

  • Vision Zero is the City’s commitment to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes by 2030. Similarly to the BOS:311 app, people can report traffic concerns via this online app.

    Building safer streets and reducing traffic speeds is one strategy in the Vision Zero approach. In January 2017, such efforts resulted in a lower speed limit on Boston city streets. The graphic below shows the likelihood of fatal or severe injury for pedestrians struck by drivers traveling at various speeds. If you only consider fatal crashes, pedestrians have a 20% chance of being killed by a driver traveling at 30 mph verses a 12% chance of a pedestrian being killed by a driver traveling at 25 mph.

    (Sources: Tefft, Brian C. Impact Speed and a Pedestrian’s Risk of Severe Injury or Death, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Washington DC, September, 2011)