Build Excitement

  • Engage students and families through fun events such as bi-annual walk to school days or other walking promotions. These events are easy to plan at little to no cost, but they quickly demonstrate that walking to school can be safe, possible, and fun. When using the resources found in the Walk to School Day toolkit, remember to download the word documents (opening in google docs will alter the graphics and layout).


    Walk to School Days

    • Encourage physical activity and healthy habits
    • Cost no money for the school or for families
    • Offer an environmentally-friendly activity appropriate for all ages and abilities
    • Can help kick-off your school-wide Safe Routes to School initiative and identify interested partners such as school staff, parents, or community members
    • Raise awareness of traffic, safety, and environmental concerns around schools
    • Provide parents and guardians with a fun way to spend time with their children
    • Provide an opportunity to engage with the community, including your school’s local police station, community centers, or neighborhood leaders.