• As we've met with a variety of community members across the city, we've heard a number of questions that have come up over time. We encourage you to add to this list through our submission box or by emailing us directly. 


    Below is a list of some of the questions that have repeatedly come up. 


    Which schools are you considering changing times for?

    • At this point, we are exploring changing start times for all BPS schools. In order to find coherent, system-wide solutions, we must look at all schools because, due to transportation routing, one school's bell time will effect another.

    When would this go into effect?

    • These changes would go into effect for the 2018-2019 school year, starting on the first day of school in September 2018.

    What is the earliest and latest that a school could start and end?

    • We do not anticipate any schools starting significantly earlier than most of our schools currently start (7:15am) or later than they currently start (9:30am).

    What factors are you considering as part of this process?

    • We are considering a wide range of factors. The list below is inclusive of ideas that we have considered:
      • School specific and overall parent and student preferences
      • Total systemwide costs (based on enrollment patterns, traffic patterns, school combinations)
      • The number of elementary schools starting after 9am
      • The number of high schools starting before 8am
      • The somewhat fixed start and end times of non-BPS schools for which we provide transportation (private schools, charter schools, and parochial schools)
      • Research findings that later start times are beneficial for adolescents
      • A city-wide balanced start time approach, meaning the ability to give each neighborhood a variety of school bell times. 
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    Does this change my school or transportation eligibility?

    • This will not impact the school choice process or who is, or isn't, eligible for transportation. 

    Is the length of the school day changing?

    • We are not anticipating changing the length of the school day at this point.

    Where can I learn more about the approach you are taking?

    • We encourage you to visit the "Our Approach" section of our website, available here.

    Are all high schools moving later? Are all elementary schools moving earlier?

    • Both of these ideas are among the many criteria that we are considering, but no decisions have been made at this point.

    When will the new start times be announced?

    • We are expecting to announce new bell times before the school showcases in December, and before the school choice process begins. 

    Why are there currently three bell tiers instead of just one?

    Bell Tiers


    What can I do if I can no longer attend the school I'm attending because of the new start time?

    • We will work with you to find a nearby school that starts at a time that works for you. We are working on a system that ensures variety in school start times for familes. Changing schools will likely require you to re-engage with our school choice process. 

    How does this align with BuildBPS?

    • We are working to ensure that our school bell times and changes make sense with the long term facilities master plan for the district, also known as BuildBPS