How to Become An Educator Evaluator

  • To become a certified educator evaluator (requirements listed below), you must take the
    Eval 101 Certification (and Re-Certification) Course for BPS Educator Evaluators

    1. Sign in to BPSLearns / D2L via your BPS Google App Menu from the top right of your Gmail screen.

    2. Be sure to use the "Sign on with Google" button to log on. Please note: if you are logging in for the first time, it will take a few moments before you can enroll.

    2. Click on the Discover icon and search for the "Evaluation 101" course.

    3. Click to enroll.

    4. There are eight modules in the course; you must pass a quiz at the end of each module in order to access the subsequent modules.

    5. Once you have completed Module 8, you must fill out the end-of-course survey in order to receive your certificate of completion and for your school leader to assign you a caseload in Vector Evaluations+PD.

    Teacher evaluators must meet the following requirements:

    • DESE licensed
    • Recommended by your principal/headmaster
    • Willing to serve as an evaluator
    • Rated Proficient or better
    • Will only evaluate teachers rated proficient or better
    • Principals/Headmasters are then responsible for developing a system to check in and oversee their teacher evaluators. Should someone on a teacher evaluator's caseload become less than proficient, the principal/headmaster must assume that person onto their own caseload as teacher evaluators may only evaluate teacher rated proficient or better.