Resources for Parents

  • Safe Routes to School Boston is a community-wide effort to improve the ability of students to walk or bike to school. BPS is leading this effort because it aligns with our mission to support the health and wellbeing of all students.

    Did you know that physical activity helps students to focus and learn? Walking to school is a great way to get them moving and ready for their day. It’s easy and fun, and when you walk together it gives you a chance to connect with your student or other neighbors.

    Check out the resources available to help you walk safely, and to influence the walkability of our community. You can also work with your school wellness council to find out what they are doing to support Safe Routes to School Boston.


    Walking Tips

    You are the best teacher for your children! Follow these simple tips to show your children how to travel safely on their way. Children who learn how to walk safely to school will become more independent and able to navigate their neighborhoods as they grow older. 

    Everyday Walking Tips


    Winter Walking Tips

    Check out this fun video about how to walk like a penguin in slippery conditions. 


    Pledge to Be a Walk & Roll Champion!

    Take this informative quiz to find out how you are doing when it comes to walking and driving safety.


    Ways to Make Our Streets More Walkable

    A key way to make our streets more walkable is to simply get out and walk with your children and neighbors. The more people who travel a route, the easier it will be for students to safely navigate their way to or from school.

    Next, advocate for improvements in the physical environment surrounding schools. When damaged sidewalks or poor traffic signals are repaired, it becomes easier for students to travel with confidence and independence. Improving the conditions of our streets and sidewalks is one way that the Safe Routes to School program enables people to choose active transportation options.

    You can help by reporting concerns with the infrastructure to Boston 311, or reporting traffic challenges to Vision Zero.