About VComply

  • In alignment with the BPS core values of equity, coherence, and innovation, the Office of English Learners (OEL) will begin a pilot this school year of VComply, a web-based compliance management application. VComply is a document distribution and tracking platform that will streamline communications for English Learner related compliance documents / tasks. Some benefits include...

    One Stop for OEL Compliance
    The VComply platform allows school leaders to see an overview of their EL compliance.

    Streamlined Communications
    The VComply platform is intended to allow both schools and central office to better track and monitor any compliance documents and submissions in a streamlined manner, specifically avoiding the back-and-forth submissions process that has historically been in place.

    Ease of Submission
    With VComply, schools can submit documents right from the Google platform using an easy-to-install Google Add-on. This eliminates the need for schools to download their document as a PDF, email it to OELL, and wait for OELL to confirm its receipt.

    For those who choose to create an account, they will be able to instantly track and monitor any compliance documents and submissions in a streamlined manner for each school.

How to Get Started

  • For our pilot year, principals will be not need to create an account. For principals or school leaders who are interested in creating an account, please see the benefits as well as how to get started as an Advanced User. For those who chose the default, as Basic Users, follow the steps below: 

    1. Install VComply Bridge Add-on (one time) to submit documents right from Google Docs/Sheets
    2. Receive email at the beginning of the school year with your OEL compliance tasks for the year
    3. Click the hyperlink of the task you wish to complete (this will take you to a Google Doc/Sheet)
    4. Complete document / fill out form as you normally would
    5. Connect to VComply Bridge from the document and follow directions to submit (five clicks)

    For a visual step-by-step guide, please see our Introduction to VComply presentation.

VComply Resources

VComply-Distributed Tasks for SY1718

    1. Title I for ELs Budget Plan
    2. EL School Plan
    3. District Response
    4. ELSWD Meeting Annual Meeting Form (Paragraph 69)
    5. Title I for ELs Budget Monitoring Checklist