• What is it like to be an Irving Student?

    Cohort Model:

    In an effort to build meaningful relationships and best support our students’ needs, our school is organized by grade/program clusters. Within each grade/program cluster, students are assigned to cohorts and travel with their cohort to most of their classes.  This school year we are planning intentional opportunities to help students bond with other members of their cohort through our bi-monthly grade level community building events.  

    Starting your day:

    Every day begins in the cafeteria.  Students are encouraged to enjoy our free breakfast options, chat with friends in their cohort, and listen to music until their 1st period teacher comes to pick them up.  

    Celebratory Activities:
    At the Irving we like to recognize all students for accomplishing goals related to attendance, achievement, and our core values.  


    • City Year sponsors AttenDANCEs throughout the year to recognize students with good attendance.  

      • Halloween AttenDANCE eligibility window is September 11 - October 24
      • Holiday AttenDANCE eligibility window is October 25 - December 11
      • Valentine’s AttenDANCE eligibility window is December 12 - February 5
      • Spring AttenDANCE eligibility window is February 6 - March 26
      • End of Year AttenDANCE eligibility window is March 27 - May 16
    • Boston Celtics Stay in School Program

    Academic Achievement

    • Quarterly Grade Level Assemblies to recognize students who have achieved honors

    Core Values

    • Everyday students can earn points in Live School from each of their teachers for exhibiting our 3 school core values: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and INTEGRITY.  These points can be used to make purchases from our school store or for an invitation to the following events:

      • Monthly VIP Lunches

      • Principal Davis’ Birthday party