• Irving Core Values:




    Mission Statement:

    At the Washington Irving Middle School, we believe all students are capable of learning, thinking and developing their social-emotional skills beyond their expectations.  Irving students adapt a growth mindset and demonstrate our school core values: respect, responsibility, and integrity.  Irving staff cultivate a safe, loving and engaging learning environment that encourages all students to take risks as they seek knowledge.   As a result, Irving students will become passionate lifelong learners who apply their thinking skills beyond our classrooms to solve and address injustices in their communities.  

    Mission to L.O.V.E.:

    As a staff we commit to Living Out our Vision of Excellence (LOVE) through:

    • Developing individual relationships with students to understand their strengths, aspirations, and areas where they need support to grow

    • Supporting our students’ personal, social and emotional development while intentionally disrupting the school to prison pipeline

    • Planning well structured, engaging, standards-based lessons that are academically engaging while challenging and meeting each student where they are

    • Modeling a growth mindset for students

    • Modeling our core values for students

    • Engaging authentically in professional learning opportunities

    • Modeling effective collaboration and communication to improve outcomes for students