Formative Assessments

  • Building a Comprehensive Assessment System

    To help educators transform teaching and to ensure students are on track to succeed, every district needs a clear, coherent, and aligned system of high-quality assessments. A comprehensive assessment system has the fewest assessments possible, but still has multiple assessments, each with a clearly defined and understood purpose. Depending on the time of administration and intention of the teacher, assessments can serve different purposes.

    The primary emphasis should be on utilizing assessments in a formative manner. Formative assessment is assessment for student learning, rather than assessment of student learning. Assessments that are used for formative purposes are intended to help students and teachers make adjustments during the lesson cycle to increase student learning. Ultimately, assessments that are used formatively are "no stakes" assessments that are intended to facilitate continued learning and growth.

    BPS Interim Assessments

    Interim assessments are short tests administered at strategic intervals during the school year to give teachers immediate feedback on how students are meeting academic standards. Interim assessment data can provide insight as to how a student is progressing toward end-of-year mastery and guide the teacher's plan for instruction for an entire class as well as individual students. BPS Interim assessments are intended as "no stakes" assessments that may be utilized to help students and teachers make adjustments during the lesson cycle.

    BPS has partnered with Measured Progress to design assessment resources for ELA (grades 2-11), mathematics (grades 2-11), and science (grades 5 and 8). The BPS History/Social Studies Department has developed the content for history interim assessments. Measured Progress has been developing high-quality items and assessments for over 30 years, including the development and design of MCAS, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced assessments. Check out the new case study published by Measured Progress on the BPS partnership here.

    All of these assessment tools may be accessed using the Illuminate Education platform for easy administration and immediate access to data reports. Teachers and students can access Illuminate through the Clever Digital Backpack.

    Early Childhood Assessments

    • Learning Accomplishment Profile Diagnostic (LAP-D)
    • Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS)
    • Expressive Vocabulary Test (EVT)
    • Work Sampling System

    For more information about the above assessments, please visit the BPS Early Childhood Education Assessment Site.