Council of Great City Schools

  • The Boston School Committee (BSC) is a proud member of the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS), a coalition of 68 of the nation’s largest urban public school systems dedicated to the improvement of education for children in the inner cities. BSC Chairman Michael O'Neill has served as a member of the Council's Executive Committee since 2014.

    A powerful force in urban education policy and advocacy, the Council has published a number of valuable reports providing guidance to the Boston Public Schools to improve education outcomes and reduce achievement gaps:

    Improving Special Education in the Boston Public Schools - Spring 2009

    Review of Food and Nutrition Services Department of the Boston Public Schools - April 2014

    Review of Boston Public Schools Academic Direction - May 2014

    In 2014, the Boston Public Schools proudly signed on to the Males of Color Pledge by America's Great City Schools, a pact among urban school districts to improve the educational outcomes of Males of Color by implementing a set of evidence-based strategies that range from early childhood through graduation.  The Pledge outlines 11 areas that impact the outcomes of Males of Color which taken together has the potential to transform how schools educate Males of Color from different racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Over sixty large city superintendents and school boards have signed onto the Pledge and have committed to implementing long-term initiatives in their respective districts to improve the lives of Males of Color.  

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