Home and Hospital Instruction

  • When students become ill and must be out of school 14 or more days during a school year, continuity of instruction is critical. The Home and Hospital Instruction program within the Department of Opportunity Youth coordinates this instruction for qualified BPS students, Boston Special Education students on private tuition, and Boston-resident students enrolled in METCO.

    Per a qualified physician’s statement, Home and Hospital Instruction provides the opportunity for students to maintain equal, uninterrupted access to the school curriculum. The program collaborates with schools, parents, agencies, and hospitals to ensure alignment of educational goals and curriculum and to ensure appropriate referrals to services based on students' needs.

    If, in the opinion of the student's Physician, due to medical reasons for missing 60 school days in a year, refer to completing this 60 Days Physician Statement Form.


    Social-Emotional Transition Readiness

    Home and Hospital Instruction also promotes social-emotional transition readiness as a best practice for facilitating students’ seamless transition back into the traditional classroom. Using elements from the social-emotional learning competencies, students in the program gain exposure to some of the expectations of the classroom and of life that social-emotional skills equip them for.


    Superintendent Circular: Home and Hospital Instruction