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  • The Office of Equity provides the following trainings: 

    • Equity Protocols Training: Equity Protocols Training is an introduction to the Office of Equity. During the training, attendees will review BPS policies and procedures regarding bias-based conduct, particularly around race. They will also learn about how students, families, and others can report possible incidents of bias. Finally, it will provide an overview of the process at the school and district level bias is reported.
    • EQT-4: Supporting Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students: This training reviews the district policies within the EQT-4 circular. Participants will understand the terminology associated with gender identity and be provided with an overview of specific policies in place to support transgender students and gender-nonconforming students within schools. Examples of policies that will be reviewed are: Names and Pronouns, Privacy, Confidentiality, Student Records, Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Changing Facilities, Physical Education, Dress Codes, and Gender-Based Activities. 

    If you would like to schedule a training for your school or department, please email us at