• Standard I: Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment

    Description:  The teacher promotes the learning and growth of all students by providing high-quality and coherent instruction, designing and administering authentic and meaningful student assessments, analyzing student performance and growth data, using this data to improve instruction, providing students with constructive feedback on an ongoing basis, and continuously refining learning objectives.


    This standard consists of the following Indicators and Elements:

    Indicator I-A:  Curriculum and Planning

    Indicator I-B: Assessment

    Indicators I-A and I-B

    Indicator I-C:  Analysis
    • Element I-C-1: Analysis and Conclusions
    • Element I-C-2: Sharing Conclusions with Colleagues
    • Element I-C-3:  Sharing Conclusions with Students


    Percentage of Educators who tagged Indicators I-A and I-B as an Area of Growth in their Self-Assessment in AY 2012-2013