Out-of-School Time

    The purpose of the federally funded 21st CCLC grant is to support the implementation of additional learning time through out-of-school time (OST) programming and/or through an expanded day referred to as Expanded Learning Time (ELT). Programming is designed to help close proficiency/opportunity gaps, increase student engagement, support social and emotional learning, and promote college and career readiness and success.  This programming will provide students with engaging instruction, project-based and/or service-learning experiences, and opportunities for academic enrichment to providing high quality out of school time academic enrichment opportunities.. These programs will also engage with various community partners to support students' learning, as well as social/emotional and physical development.  
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    Current 21st CLCC Out-of-school Time Sites
    In school year 2018-19, Boston Public Schools was awarded state funding for out-of-school programming at seven sites:
    • English High
    • Gardner Pilot K-8
    • Hennigan K-8
    • Kenny Elementary
    • Edison
    • BINcA
    • Eliot

    Current Grant Applications: Exemplary Grant

    In spring of 2019, Hennigan will be applying to renew funding for a subsequent three-year cycle. This is a competitive process and funding is not guaranteed. If grants are approved, the following awards would be received beginning September 2019. They represent 85% of the previous award or $50,000.

    Timeline for this funding is as follows:

    • May 2019: Release of RFP
    • June 2019: Application submission deadline
    • Summer/Fall 2019: Award notification
    • September, 2019: Grant start

    Please see this link for the full RFP.

    If you have comments or inquiries regarding this application, please contact Sarah Abramson at Sabramson@bostonpublicschools.org.

    Current Grant Application: New Site Grant

    In spring of 2019, the Frederick and Russell will be included in the Boston Public Schools' New Site application. Sites for this application were selected based on an equitable process seeking to balance school need and readiness. Each site could be awarded up to $175,000 (with an additional $15,000 for student transportation) per year for three years of before/after school and summer programming.

    Timeline for this funding is as follows:

    • May 2019: Release of RFP
    • June 13, 2019: Application submission deadline
    • Fall 2019: Award notification
    • Fall 2019: Grant start

    Please see this link for the full RFP.

    If you have comments or inquiries regarding this ap

    Regarding this application, please contact sarah Abramson at sabramson@bostonpublicschools.org.