Summer Learning

  • We have been working hard to plan for REMOTE Summer Learning. Check here to find out if your child's school is hosting remote classes for their students. Schools will reach out to you with information on times and registration. Contact your school with any questions. 

    We also provide BPS 5th Quarter. These are run by BPS-approved partners. All eligible students are invited to attend, but any family can apply. Please note that space is limited. You can apply here:

    English | Español | عربى | Kabuverdianu | 中文 | Français | Kreyòl  |  Português | Afsoomaali | tiếng Việt

    More information about BPS 5th Quarter programs can be found at Boston After School & Beyond.

  • We are offering the following summer programs throughout the district:




    Summer Learning Academies

    Programming for grades K-8 with a balance of academic and enrichment content. Class are lead by qualified partners through Zoom and Google classroom

    July 6 - August 7

    Credit Recovery 

    A credit recovery option for students in grades 6-12

    July 6 - August 7

    English Learner Summer

    Fun and rigorous summer remote learning for rising K2-12 ELs using WIDA’s English Language Proficiency Standards.

    July 6 - August 7 

    Extended School Year (ESY)

    For students with disabilities whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Teams have identified those at risk of substantial regression of skills over the summer. For Summer 2020, learning is remote only. During school hours, students can access ELA, Math, SEL, and also Related Services & Rules-based reading support as indicated by their IEP. Additionally, students have access to various enrichment opportunities.

    Early Childhood: Project-based curriculum aligned with Early Childhood’s Focus Curriculum.

    Students in grades 1-8: virtual Math, ELA, SEL, and Enrichment co-run by Catapult Learning and OSE. 

    High School: Aligned with Summer Learning Academy, Transition &  STRIVE. 

    July 6 - August 7

    Exam School Initiative (ESI)

    A targeted diversity initiative of the Boston Public Schools that aims to have the exam schools be more representative of the BPS population. Schools were given a set number of seats based on a proportional allotment to nominate students.

    July 6 - August 21

    Summer Early Focus

    Project-Based, hands-on learning for K0-K2 students.

    July 6 - August 7

    Social Justice Academy

    The Excellence For All School Without Walls initiative runs the Social Justice Academy. The Academy provides social justice focused project-based learning classes to rising grade 3-12 students. Teaching with a social justice lens in which students critique instances of educational, social, and racial injustice and articulate their own anti-racist socially just solutions. 

    July 6 - August 7

    School-Based Summer Programing 

    Individual schools are given the opportunity to hold their own summer learning opportunities for students that attend their schools. Program descriptions vary by school.  Register by using the form at the top of the page. 

    July 6 - August 7