Career and Technical Education / STRIVE

  • Supported
    Training to
    Independence through

    The Mission of STRIVE is to explore and provide pre-vocational, vocational, and transitional services to students with disabilities. STRIVE team members collaborate with student’s support team to provide pre-vocational and vocational activities. The support team includes the student, family members, classroom teachers, and school personnel. These activities may include:

    • In-school Pre-vocational Training
    • Career Profiles
    • Work-readiness Skills Sessions
    • Community Access Training
    • Individual Job Development
    • Practice Job Interviews
    • Internships & Job Shadowing
    • Resume Building
    • Job Coaching
    • College & Career Field Trips
    • Post-secondary Preparation
    • Assist with the 688 Referral Process
    • Transition Services
    STRIVE staff work closely with each high school’s Special Education office to assist in developing appropriate transition plans, in accordance with Massachusetts Chapter 688 Transitional Planning Program. It is the goal of STRIVE that an appropriate adult rehabilitative service provider be in place prior to the student exiting school.