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    We support schools with ensuring that District policies meet the civil rights of EL in according with local, state, and federal requirements.

    Language Assessment Team Facilitators (LAT-F)

    "The 'LAT' refers to a language assessment team consisting of designated employees at each school who are responsible for ensuring the identification, adequacy of instruction, and monitoring of ELLs." (DOJ Agreement, Paragraph 15)

    "Establish a school-based ELL placement and reclassification team... In order to make effective instructional and assessment decisions for ELLs, districts should consider establishing a school-based team charged with reviewing relevant ELL data and making instructional decisions for each student. School-based teams should be composed of educators, administrators, and/or support service staff that regularly interacts with the student" (DESE Transitional Guidance for ELLs, p. 15).

    Who is on the LAT? (DESE Transitional Guidance for ELLs, p. 15)

    • the student’s ESL or bilingual or SEI  content teacher,
    • school guidance counselors, psychologists, special education teachers, or related providers if the student receives such services,
    • the school’s assistant principal or principal,
    • parents when making instructional and assessment decisions for ELLs 

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