Physical Activity

  • Physical Activity (PA) is a behavior consisting of bodily movement that requires energy expenditure above the normal physiological (muscular, cardio respiratory) requirements of a typical school day.

    Wellness Champions

    Wellness Champions are active members of a school community, such as a teachers, nurses, paraprofessionals, parents, partners, or lunch monitors, with a commitment to creating a healthier school environment. Since 2010, the BPS Health and Wellness Department has trained and supported Wellness Champions to lead efforts to increase PA within their schools. Wellness Champions lead their school’s efforts to provide daily PA for students during school in at least one of the following PA focus areas:

    Classroom Movement Breaks: Brief (5-10 minutes) break during academic class time when students have the opportunity to move around and be physically active.

    Recess: A scheduled break from academic class time where movement may be promoted through wellness champion to make children move more or be more physically active.

    Movement Promotions: Activity outside of the classroom during the school day that promotes movement or physical activity.

    Cross-Curricular Lessons Involving Movement: A lesson on academic subject matter that involves movement or physical activity.

    Click here for more information about the Wellness Champion Program.

    Physical Activity Community Partners

    The Health and Wellness department has formed valuable relationships with Physical Activity Community Partners across Boston. Please view the Physical Activity Section of this catalog* to learn more about the PA programs and partnerships within BPS.

    *This Catalog was created in collaboration between the Office of SELWell and the Office of Engagement’s School-Community Partnerships team. They have sought new ways to increase access to the opportunities that these partners provide. The office of SELWell encourages you to review this catalog, share it with others in your school, and use it as a resource for referring students and families to SELWell partnership opportunities throughout the district.