Schedule A ELT

  • Schedule A is a model for expanding the school day so that students have more opportunities to participate in high-quality learning and enrichment.

    The name "Schedule A" refers to an agreement between the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teachers Union to add 40 minutes to the school day. The school day for elementary schools will be 6-hours and 40-minutes. The school day for middle schools will be 6-hours and 50-minutes. The schools the agreement applies to were labeled Schedule A, while the schools the agreement does not apply to were labeled Schedule B. 

    Click here for a list of schools included in Schedule A Extended Learning Time with their start and end times.
    In addition to more instructional time for students, teachers will get an additional 75-minutes of planning time per week. Of the 75-minutes, 40-minutes are for teacher-directed collaborative planning time and 35-minutes are for individual planning time.
    Research shows that there is a real positive connection between a longer school day and stronger student growth. National studies have shown that more learning time for students helps boost academic achievement. The benefits of ELT for our students include:
    ✓ More learning time and increased enrichment opportunities
    ✓ More time for small group interventions to address individual student learning needs
    ✓ More time for teachers to collaborate and improve the quality of instruction 

    The Schedule A agreement dictates that the Schedule A schools start ELT in phases. Each group that plans and implements together is a cohort. Cohort 1 began the expanded day in school-year 2015-16. Cohort 3 will plan during school-year 2016-17 and start the expanded day in school-year 2017-18.

    Please click here for Memorandum of Agreement  between the School Committee of the City of Boston and the Boston Teachers Union, AFT Massachusetts.