Middle School Pathways

    • Some elementary schools are connected to a K-8 school or a 6-12 school as a guaranteed pathway. You can choose whether to take advantage of this guaranteed seat or explore your other school options from your Home-Based list to find the best fit for your child. 

      In January, fifth-grade families at elementary schools that end in grade 5 will receive a school choice form as well as a letter that lists your pathway school. If you are happy with your pathway school, you do not need to do anything. We will assign your child to that school. If you want to select another school, you can complete the choice form or visit a Welcome Center and we will consider those choices when assigning you to your school for next year.  Students in other grades that have a guaranteed pathway will receive their choice forms and pathway letters in mid-February.

      Please note that previously there were many more elementary schools that had a guaranteed pathway to a middle school or K-8 school.  As part of the district's Build BPS and Green New Deal initiatives, many of our K-5 elementary schools have become K-6 schools.  And a majority of the stand-alone middle schools serving grades 6-8 have closed.  As a result, many of these guaranteed pathways no longer exist as students are able to remain in the same school for the 5th to 6th grade transition instead of needing to move to a new school at that time.

      We have not created guaranteed pathways for students entering grade 7 that are exiting from a K-6 school.  These students will receive a school choice form and will be able to make new school choices, but will not receive a guaranteed pathway to a specific school.  This is in line with Boston Public Schools' move towards a K-6 / 7-12 and K-8 / 9-12 model for our schools.  All schools that serve grades 7-12 are citywide options that all students have access to, regardless of where they live in the city.

      To see your full school choice list, including locations, schedules, and other information, visit www.discoverbps.org. You can also contact one of our Welcome Centers for assistance.

      Guaranteed Pathways for the 2024-2025 School Year

      Sending School Exit Grade Guaranteed Pathway School
      Dudley Street Neighborhood School 5 Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy
      Mason Elementary 5 Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy
      Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy 1 Edison Elementary School
      Higginson K-2 2 Higginson-Lewis 3-8
      Lyon K-8 School 8 Lyon High School
      Ellison/Parks Early Education School 3 Mildred Avenue K-8 School
      Beethoven Elementary 2 Ohrenberger School
      Quincy Elementary 5 Quincy Upper School
      Lee Academy 3 Young Achievers K-8 School

      Please Note: If your child requires a special education inclusion or substantially-separate setting, their guaranteed pathway school may be different than the one listed in the above table.  Please contact the Office of Special Education at 617-635-8599 to find out the guaranteed pathway for your child based on their specific program.