Excellence for All

  • What is Excellence for All?

    Excellence for All is a Boston Public School initiative that pushes every student to engage in deep learning and develop key understanding and skills to become critical thinkers. This program expands student access to rigorous learning opportunities and quality enrichment in grades 4-6. In EFA schools, there is a strong focus on increasing both academic and social-emotional supports in classrooms.


    What We Provide

    • Rigorous coursework for students 
    • Universally designed coursework to engage all learners
    • Quality enrichments including STEM classes and world language
    • Support to help students understand their academic strengths and develop strategies for learning. 
    • A focus on the social-emotional well-being of all students

    Students in grades 4-6 in 13 schools are part of the EFA program. 

    EFA Schools

    • Bates Elementary
    • Curley K-8
    • Edison K-8
    • Gardner Pilot Academy
    • Grew Elementary School
    • Guild Elementary
    • Harvard-Kent
    • Holmes Elementary
    • King K-8
    • Mendell Elementary
    • Orchard Gardens
    • Philbrick Elementary
    • Sumner Elementary 

    Click here to download the Excellence for All information. 

     Regine Philippeaux-Pierre. Ed.D, Project Manager, Excellence for All


    Dr. Regine Philippeaux-Pierre’s extensive career in education began almost 18 years ago when she was responsible for the Columbia University Community Service campaign which provided small grants to non-profit education organizations. That experience along with her time as an assistant teacher at Columbia University's Double Discovery Center sent her down an altered path to education from engineering. Since then, Dr. Pierre has devoted her time and talents to improving the lives of children and supporting the educators who work with them.

    Dr. Pierre taught high school mathematics in two Boston public schools where she was a lead teacher responsible for professional development. She also has eight years of experience as an educational researcher, most notably at the National Center for Restructuring Schools, Education, and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. In 2011, Dr. Pierre accepted a position at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as the state’s Professional Development Coordinator where she acted as the Project Director of four priority projects. There she managed teams responsible for the development of the Massachusetts Standards for Professional Development and a number of associated resources. In January of 2016, she began consulting with the Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI)to support the organization's efforts to bolster and improve their youth and adult programs. Recently, Dr. Pierre was brought on to manage our Excellence for All initiative. As the manager of the Excellence for All program, she aims to bring equity to the educational experience of elementary students in the city.

    Dr. Pierre is deeply committed to education. The education of historically marginalized students is a particular focus of her work. She believes that all children have immense potential and it is the responsibility of the adults around them to draw out that potential. With great pleasure, she continues to work tirelessly to better the educational experience of children.