Sexual Health Education

  • Sexual Health Education is an important part of the BPS Comprehensive Health Education program for PreK through Grade 12. Classes are taught by qualified, trained teachers and address the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of human sexuality at a level appropriate to the age of the students. The curriculum includes education about sexual and gender identity and is inclusive of all, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ+) students. The program is designed to help students maintain sexual health by developing healthy relationships, delaying sexual activity, preventing disease and pregnancy, and reducing risky sexual behaviors. The lessons may include these topics:

    • Adolescent growth and development, including the changes throughout puberty
    • How to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships
    • How communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS) are spread and how to prevent their spread 
    • Health enhancing behaviors and behaviors which pose risks to good health 
    • Responsible decision making, including reducing sexual health-related risk behaviors 
    • Resisting negative peer pressure 
    • Effective ways to say “no” to risky behaviors 
    • Respecting the right to privacy of self and others.


    Growth, Development and Sexual Health Education

    Grades PreK-3 

    Dimensions of Health; Social, Emotional, Physical 


    Personal Boundaries, Safety and Consent

    Gender Roles 

    Different Kinds of Families 


    Body Basics

    Bullying Prevention

    My Healthy Habits

    Grades 4-6

    My Dimensions of Health;

    Social, Emotional, Physical

    Exploring Personal Values

    Healthy Relationships

    Consent and Boundary Setting

    Gender Stereotypes

    Puberty and Reproductive System

    Hygiene Health


    Staying Safe Online  

    Bullying Prevention

    My Healthy Choices

    Grades 7-8 

    Building Healthy Relationships 

    Consent, Agency and Boundaries

    Gender Identity and Expression; Sexual Orientation

    Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

    Birth Control Basics

    STIs, HIV and AIDS Prevention

    Internet Safety | Cyberbullying Prevention

    Making SMART Choices

    Accessing Reliable Information & Resources

    Grades 9-12

    Healthy Relationships, Power Dynamics & Communication

    Rights, Respect, Responsibility

    Gender Identity and Expression; Sexual Orientation

    Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

    Contraception Options

    STIs, HIV and AIDS Prevention

    Using Technology Respectfully

     and Responsibly

    Sexual Health Decision Making

    Accessing Reliable Information & Resources


    Materials for health classes include: Michigan Model for Health, HealthSmart for Comprehensive Health Education; Healthy Relationships, Personal Boundaries and Safety, PreK-Grade 3 & Healthy and Safe Body Unit, Grades 4-5 (BPS Health & Wellness); Rights, Respect, Responsibility (Advocates for Youth); Making Proud Choices; and Get Real for Sexual Health Education.