Executive Team


Mary Skipper Photo

Mary Skipper


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Natalie Ake Photo

Natalie Ake

School Superintendent for Region 3 (K-6/K-8)

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David Bloom Bio

David Bloom

Chief Financial Officer

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Francesse J. Canty Esq. Photo

Francesse J. Canty Esq.

Chief Human Capital Officer

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Dr. Linda Chen Photo

Dr. Linda Chen

Senior Deputy Superintendent of Academics

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Neva Coakley-Grice Photo

Neva Coakley-Grice

Chief of Safety Services

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Megan Costello Photo

Megan Costello

Senior Advisor, Office of the Superintendent

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Dr. Samuel DePina Photo

Dr. Samuel DePina

Deputy Superintendent of Operations

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Mary Driscoll Photo

Mary Driscoll

School Superintendent for Region 2 (K-6/K-8)

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Drew Echelson Photo

Dr. Drew Echelson

Chief of Schools and Accountability

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Dr. Tanya Freeman-Wisdom Photo

Dr. Tanya Freeman-Wisdom

School Superintendent for Region 7 (7-12/9-12)

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Joelle Gamere Bio

Joelle Gamere

Chief of Office of Multicultural and Multilingual Education

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Monica Hogan Photo

Monica Hogan

Assistant Superintendent for Data Strategy and Implementation

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Anu Medappa Jayanth Photo

Anu Medappa Jayanth

Senior Advisor of Operations

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Christine Landry Photo

Dr. Christine Landry

School Superintendent for Region 4 (K-6/K-8)

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Robin Lee Photo

Robin Lee

School Superintendent for Region 9 (7-12/9-12)

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Dr.Ted Lombardi Photo

Dr. Ted Lombardi

Secondary Superintendent for College, Career, and Life Readiness

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Dr. Elena Luna Photo

Dr. Elena Luna

School Superintendent for Region 5 (K-6/K-8)

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Cory McCarthy Bio

Cory McCarthy

Chief of Students

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Dr. Lindsa McIntyre Photo

Dr. Lindsa McIntyre

Deputy Chief of Schools and Accountability

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Chris McKinnon Bio

Chris McKinnon

Chief of Communications

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Lesley Miller Photo

Lesley Miller

Chief of Teaching and Learning

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Dr. Mariel Novas Photo

Dr. Mariel Novas

Senior Advisor, Organizational Development & Equity

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Rochelle M. Nwosu  Photo

Rochelle M. Nwosu

Chief of Staff

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Myriam Ortiz Photo

Myriam Ortiz

Chief of Community Engagement

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Mark Racine Photo

Mark Racine

Director of Technology

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Eugene Roundtree Photo

Eugene Roundtree

School Superintendent for Region 8 (7-12/9-12)

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Magaly Sanchez Photo

Magaly Sanchez

Chief Family Advancement Officer

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Kay Seale Photo

Kay Seale

Chief of Specialized Services

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Delavern Stanislaus Photo

Delavern Stanislaus

Chief of Capital Planning

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Ana Tavares Photo

Dr. Ana Tavares

Deputy Superintendent of Equity, Community and Family Advancement

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Efrain Toledano Photo

Efrain Toledano

School Superintendent for Region 6 (K-6/K-8)

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Christine Trevisone Photo

Christine Trevisone

Senior Advisor of Specialized Services

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Teresa Neff-Webster Bio

Teresa Neff-Webster

Interim Chief of Operations

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Tommy Welch Bio

Dr. Tommy Welch

School Superintendent Region 1 (K-12)

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Christian Tre' Woodson Bio

Christian Tre' Woodson

Director of Emergency Management and Preparedness

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