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    Recruitment, Training & Support Center
    for Special Education Surrogate Parents 

    The Purpose and goal of this program is to build a trusting and collaborative recruitment partnership with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to ensure that every child in state custody receives the special education supports they need to to succeed.  The Recruitment, Training, and Support Center (RTSC) will assist school districts and establish a process for identifying volunteers within their community to serve as effective Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs) for eligible students within their district.  RTSC will provide initial and ongoing training and support to the district and volunteers. 
    For a quick online application, go to FCSN's website:              Otherwise, you may download a PDF version 
    By seeking volunteers within school communities, we hope to identify SESPs familiar with the district and have a faster and more efficient appointment.   
    For more information, please visit:  http://fcsn.org/rtsc/                          

    Thank you for visiting this page and your consideration of becoming a SESP. 

  • Contact: 
    Lisa Connor
    Special Education Parent Support Coordinator
    Office: 617-635-8599 ​
    Email:  lconnor2@bostonpublicschools.org