Office of the Ombudsperson

  • The Ombudsperson serves as an objective and neutral party tasked with listening and investigating complaints within the Boston Public School system. The ombudsperson is a central point of contact and resource for parents and other members of the community who have concerns related to our schools and the district. The Ombudsperson represents the Superintendent’s Office.

    The Ombudsperson will work with you to listen, investigate, clarify and direct your questions, concerns and complaints in a confidential, fair and timely manner to the appropriate party. The four basic principles of the ombudsperson are neutrality, independence, confidentiality and informality.

    When Should I Contact the Ombudsperson?

    If possible we encourage you to first discuss your concern with school staff or district staff. Most concerns can be resolved at the source. However, you may contact the ombudsperson at any point during the course of your district related concern and determine steps to address it:
    • Need to have a confidential discussion about a district related problem.
    • Believe a policy or procedure has been unfairly applied to you or your situation.
    • Need information about parent, community, or other stakeholder rights or district policies and procedures.
    • Need help in facilitating a resolution to a problem between you and the district.
    • Need help communicating with schools or district.
    • Want to know your options for solving a problem within the school.
    • Prefer to resolve a dispute in an informal manner.
    • Want to know what district resources are available to you.

    The Ombudsperson will:

    • Interface with parents and the community.
    • Listen attentively to concerns and recommendations.
    • Provide information and individual coaching to help prepare for difficult conversations.
    • Help identify range of resolution options through formal and/or informal processes.
    • Help bridge communication between parents and school staff.
    • Identify trends and make recommendations for improvement to prevent issues from recurring.
    • Assist in achieving outcomes consistent with fairness, established policies and the law.

Contact Us

  • District Ombudsperson

    Carolyn MacNeil

    Phone: (617) 635-9054 
    Cell: (857) 891-1363
  • *A reminder about Safe Schools Hotline and Bullying Complaints:

    Boston Public Schools believes that school communities serve as a network of support for its diverse students, families and staff. If you believe that you or your child has been a victim of bullying please call our Safe Schools and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Hotline (617) 592-2378 or go to for anti-bullying information.