Non-BPS Administrators

  • BPS serves the complex needs of administrators of charter, private, and parochial schools. The forms you need to communicate with us are to the right. Please let us know if there is another form you think we should add to the collection. Thank you.

    All non-BPS schools (charters, private, and parochial) who receive transportation services from BPS (T-Passes and yellow bus service) need to keep their enrollment records current with BPS regardless of the student's transportation status. Transportation eligibility is determined by the information in BPS's enrollment system.  Please use the Google forms at the right to report student enrollment changes such as address changes, discharges, and new student enrollments. Any student attending a Boston charter, private, and parochial school who lives outside of the city of Boston is not eligible for BPS transportation and is not reported to BPS. Only principals and designated staff from the non-BPS schools can submit enrollment changes through the Google forms. Families need to communicate all changes to their school directly, which will then verify the changes and report them to BPS. 

    Special Education
    If you need to turn in an IEP or have questions about a students IEP please contact:
    Roberta Skillin
    Special Education Staff Assistant
    Phone: 617-635-8599
    For enrollment questions contact:
    Office of Welcome Services - Non-BPS Schools