The Advanced Placement (AP) program at CASH is a rigorous but rewarding experience that thrusts students in collegiate environments while in high school. CASH offers the following AP courses: 

    AP English Language & Composition

    The AP English Language and Composition course aligns to an introductory college-level rhetoric and writing curriculum, which requires students to develop evidence-based analytic and argumentative essays that proceed through several stages or drafts. Students evaluate, synthesize, and cite research to support their arguments.  

    AP English Literature & Composition 

    The AP English Literature and Composition course aligns to an introductory college-level literary analysis course. The course engages students in the close reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature to deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure. As they read, students consider a work’s structure, style, and themes, as well as its use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone. Writing assignments include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays that require students to analyze and interpret literary works.


    AP US Government & Politics

    AP United States Government and Politics introduces students to key political ideas, institutions, policies, interactions, roles, and behaviors that characterize the political culture of the United States. The course examines politically significant concepts and themes, through which students learn to apply disciplinary reasoning assess causes and consequences of political events, and interpret data to develop evidence-based arguments.


    AP Biology
    AP Bio

    AP Biology is an introductory college-level biology course. Students cultivate their understanding of biology through inquiry-basedinvestigations as they explore the following topics: evolution, cellular processes — energy and communication, genetics, information transfer, ecology, and interactions.


    AP Environmental Science

    The AP Environmental Science course is designed to be the equivalent of a one-semester, introductory college course in environmental science, through which students engage with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world. The course requires that students identify and analyze natural and human-made environmental problems, evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them. Environmental Science is interdisciplinary, embracing topics from geology, biology, environmental studies, environmental science, chemistry, and geography.


    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus AB is roughly the equivalent to a first semester college course devoted to topics in differential and integral calculus. The AP course covers topics in these areas, including concepts and skills of limits, derivatives, definite integrals, and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. The course teaches students to approach calculus concepts and problems when they are represented graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally, and to make connections amongst these representations.  
    AP Computer Science
    Brand new to CASH this year we have an AP Computer Science course! The AP Computer Science A curriculum provides resources, such as application- related labs, that connect with students with diverse interests, particularly female and underrepresented student populations. The course is engaging and underscores the importance of communicating solutions appropriately and in ways that are relevant to current societal needs. Thus, a well-designed, modern AP Computer Science A course can help address traditional issues of equity, access, and broadening participation in computing while providing a strong and engaging introduction to fundamental areas of the discipline.

    Why take an AP class? Here are some benefits:

    • Potential to earn college credit while still in high school

    • Skip college introductory classes

    • Stand out in the college application process

    • Learn valuable study skills  

    • Experience college level rigor

    • Opportunities for independent research and discovery

    • Save money on college tuition

    • Potential to boost your GPA

    • Demonstrate your academic courage to prospective colleges

    • Increased eligibility for college scholarships

    • Potential for early graduation from college

    If you have any questions or want to sign up for an AP class, contact your Guidance Counselor today!