Student Engagement

  • As a student, you are the most important member of the Boston Public Schools.  You are valued and have the right to be respected, be included and welcomed in your school community. The Office of Engagement works every day with your school, teachers, family, and community to help you realize BPS's vision for every student and graduate.  

    Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC)

    The primary vehicle for student voice and youth engagement across the Boston Public Schools and serves as the voice of students to the Boston School Committee. Members represent their school as they address student issues and develop district-wide policies. OOE works with school leaders to recruit students to participate in youth development programming in exchange for course credit. Contact: Maria Estrada, BSAC Program Manager, 617-635-9446,

    Student Government 

    All high schools must have a functioning and engaged student government with at least 4 members. Student leaders represent their peers in the decision-making process at the school and district level, with two students serving on SSC (one serves on the personnel subcommittee) and 1-2 representatives to serve on the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC). Student government should reflect the diversity and size of the student population. Contact: Lori Greenwood, 617-635-7750,