Student Voice & Leadership

  • As a student, you are the most important member of the Boston Public Schools. You are valued and have the right to be respected, included, and welcomed in your school community. The Office of Advancement works every day with your school, teachers, family, and community to help you realize BPS's vision for every student and graduate.  

    As we strive to prepare students to be informed and active members of our democratic society, we are proud to provide opportunities for students to civically engage in their schools and local communities.

    Through the civic education law, Chapter 296 of the Acts of 2018: An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement, signed by Governor Baker legislation, Massachusetts has recognized the importance of civic learning to include complex issues such as voter registration, historical voting trends, and civic participation relative to disenfranchised voter populations.

    Integrating this essential civic competency with the practical experience of participating in student governance equips young people with the civic skills necessary to be active and effective members of their community.

    Quality civic education “not only increases citizen knowledge and engagement, but also expands civic equality, improves 21st-Century skills, and may reduce the dropout rate and improve school climate.” (Guardian of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools, 2011)

    As part of the district and state mandate, every secondary school is required to identify students to serve in the following capacities:

    We encourage schools to provide opportunities to deepen student’s civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions. We will provide teachers classroom resources to engage students in conversations regarding governance, civics, and voting. Topics include: (Click here to learn more)

    • Youth Civic Engagement
    • Voting in Local Elections
    • The City of Boston Election Department
    • Voting Trends Over Time
    • History of Voter Suppression