School Choice & Registration

  • Promotes School Choice Season to perspective families throughout Boston neighborhoods, child care centers, community agencies, fairs and events.

    Citywide School Preview

    Offers families an opportunity to meet principals, teachers and parents, tour and ask questions to learn about prospective k-8 school offerings before registering in January. Contact: Welcome Services, Devon McCarley, 617-635-9085,

    Countdown to Kindergarten Transition Activities

    Provides Boston families with information, activities and events (registration guides, K-days, Countdown Celebration) that support the transition into kindergarten. Contact: Countdown, Sonia Gómez-Banrey, 617-635-6816,

    High School Showcase

    Provides families of prospective students an opportunity to learn about high school choices and meet and speak with school staff. Contact: Welcome Services, Devon McCarley, 617-635-9085,

    Information Sessions

    Informs families about the BPS registration process and how to choose schools and enroll. Contact: Welcome Services, Devon McCarley, 617-635-9085,, or Countdown, Sonia Gomez- Banrey, 617-635-6816,

    Welcome Sessions

    OOE assist schools in creating a strong start to a home-school partnership with an engaging Welcome Session. Schools greet new families, engage parents and put children at ease about their upcoming transition. Contact: Countdown, Sonia Gomez-Banrey, 617-635-6816, or Welcome Services, Devon McCarley, 617-635-9085,