School Choice & Registration

  • Promotes School Choice Season to perspective families throughout Boston neighborhoods, child care centers, community agencies, fairs and events.

    Programs & Initiatives


    Citywide School Preview

    Offers families an opportunity to meet principals, teachers and parents, tour and ask questions to learn about prospective k-8 school offerings before registering in January. Contact: Welcome Services, Robert Havdala, 617-635-9085,

    Countdown to Kindergarten Transition Activities

    Provides Boston families with information, activities and events (registration guides, K-days, Countdown Celebration) that support the transition into kindergarten. Contact: Countdown, Sonia Gómez-Banrey, 617-635-6816,

    High School Showcase

    Provides families of prospective students an opportunity to learn about high school choices and meet and speak with school staff. Contact: Welcome Services, Robert Havdala, 617-635-9085,

    Information Sessions

    Informs families about the BPS registration process and how to choose schools and enroll. Contact: Welcome Services, Robert Havdala, 617-635-9085,, or Countdown, Sonia Gomez- Banrey, 617-635-6816,

    Welcome Sessions

    OOE assist schools in creating a strong start to a home-school partnership with an engaging Welcome Session. Schools greet new families, engage parents and put children at ease about their upcoming transition. Contact: Countdown, Sonia Gomez-Banrey, 617-635-6816, or Welcome Services, Robert Havdala, 617-635-9085,

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