School Capacity Building & Supports

  • Supports schools in assessing their engagement practice to meet district standards and requirements for engagement and building staff capacity to welcome and engage all families. This includes effectively leveraging partners to promote academically and socially-emotionally successful students particularly around shared student learning and leadership. 

    Programs & Initiatives

    Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT)

    Provides a data-focused partnership between teachers and parents that strengthen student learning. Student data helps parents connect home and classroom instruction using home practices and strategies.

    Family Friendly Schools Initiative (FFSI)

    OOE identifies and celebrates schools that are welcoming, share leadership with families, and has a strong school culture of partnering with families for student learning and success. FFSI certified schools are promoted to families on the district’s website and at the Welcome Centers. 

    Family Student Engagement Facilitator Initiative

    OOE identifies and works with educators (teachers/leaders) to develop and implement school level engagement practice. Teachers and facilitators participate in a year-long professional development to develop their knowledge and capacity for effective engagement. With support of an engagement liaison, educators lead their peers in implementing an engagement strategy designed to connect families to learning.  

    Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

    As equal partners, teachers and parents come together, in a unique setting, to build trust and form relationships where they share dreams, expectations, experiences and tools to improve student academic success. OOE provides training, technical assistance funding to support schools in launching home visits.

    Professional Development

    Both on a school and district level, OOE provides professional development on family and student engagement best practices to educators, support staff and school leaders.  

    School Site Council (SSC) / School Parent Council (SPC)

    Comprised of equal numbers of parents and staff, SSC serves as a governing/advisory body at each school. SSC parents are elected by and are accountable to the SPC of the school. The SSC develops and approves school policy, reviews and approves the budget and supports hiring of BTU positions. Click here for more information.