Family Capacity Building & Support

  • Provides opportunities for your family to get involved and gain support as you build your capacity to help your child reach educational success.

    Is your child starting preschool or in K-12? Are you just learning English, technology or advocacy? There are parent groups, reading clubs and multi-session courses available to serve all BPS families.

    Programs & Initiatives

    ESOL Classes

    Offers Boston families Level 1, 2, and 3 ESOL classes to build the language and communication capacity of parents.
    Contact: Parent University, Carmen Vega, 617-635-9747, or visit, Parent University

    Parent Child Book Clubs

    Engages parents and children in shared reading and builds understanding of how to read for enjoyment and deep comprehension. Contact: Parent University, Steve Desrosiers, 617-635-7750, or visit, Parent University

    Parent Leadership

    Teaches parents BPS basics to build their capacity to advocate for and support their children. Contact: Parent University, Monica M. Pomare, 617-635-7750, or visit, Parent University

    Play to Learn Groups

    Parent-Child Playgroups provide early education for children, support for parents, and connections to BPS schools.
    Contact: Countdown, Sonia Gómez-Banrey, 617-635-6816, or visit

    School Parent Council (SPC)

    SPC establishes an independent “voice” of ALL BPS parents through advocacy for students and schools. The SPC elects representatives to the School Site Council (SSC), promotes student learning and school improvement. Contact: School Support, Lori Greenwood, 617-635-7750, or visit, School Site Council.

    Talk Read Play Campaign

    Provides Boston families with children ages birth to five with information about child development milestones, activities to support growth and learning at home. Contact: Countdown, Josette Williams, 617-635-9288,, or visit,