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    The vision of the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) is rooted in providing equitable opportunities for students, fostering engagement in innovative, high-quality instruction within the least restrictive environment tailored to meet the students' individual needs. This empowers each student to attain high levels of achievement, paving the way for post-secondary success. Boston Public Schools (BPS) is committed to cultivating diversity, inclusion, and academic excellence for all students. The CORE beliefs of the Office of Specialized Services is that "Together Everyone Achieves More."

    The district's inclusive plan recognizes that inclusion is not a place or a program; it provides access and opportunities for students with disabilities to learn alongside their peers. Inclusion promotes learning opportunities for students with disabilities in a least restrictive setting that embraces access to a continuum of services that meets their unique and individual needs. The delivery of specially designed instruction is the roadmap of targeted services given the acquisition of skills that are embedded in each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

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    The following strands provide specialized services and programming to support targeted interventions to foster student growth across academic, social-emotional, and behavioral domains. The district priorities of special education promote assurances of our commitment that every student, regardless of their abilities, has access to an education that nurtures their individual needs and maximizes their potential.


    To learn more about our specialized services and strands, see below:

  • Inclusion

  • Early Childhood Center-Based

  • ABA-Based Classrooms

  • Emotional Impairment (EI) - Externalizing

  • Emotional Impairment (EI) - Internalizing

  • Mild Intellectual Disabilities

  • Moderate Intellectual Disabilities

  • Severe Intellectual Disabilities/Multiple Disabilities

  • Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Public Day Schools

  • Special Admission Schools



    Special Education Programming continues to be reviewed and potentially developed based on student needs in subsequent years.